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Petermann Agency Advertising
Hitting the bullseye.

At the Petermann Agency, we realize that sometimes the medium is as important as the message. Do you know if your demographic listens to talk radio or country music? Do they watch the History Channel or MTV? Would a banner ad be better suited on or

Petermann utilizes the latest research and ratings information to give us a breakdown of your demographic. We then apply this research to ensure they actually get your message. Our seasoned media buying services give you the best impact for your advertising dollars. Your consumer will hear your message, not as an interruption, but as a companion to their favorite media.


Design Anchor
Petermann Agency Design
Recognition of the source at the
blink of an eye.

Design has many different pieces and parts and it is utilized in so many different ways. If it's good design and it works correctly, you don't even notice the pieces. They just become parts of one cohesive brand. The cohesiveness of design is now expected by your customers.

The consumer sees the graphics of an ad. They see the design of the packaging of a product. They see the logo, succinctly summarizing the essence of your brand--from graphics and packaging to identities, from form to function, from your brand to the consumer's mind. Design is a true occurrence of art and science combining all the pieces to become something more.

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